Monday, September 10, 2012

Random thoughts

Wow! I've been abandoning this blog for a year or so. It's crazy that I've manage to make my way back here to blog. I guess I've just lost my mojo to blog. Everything has changed. The way I write, the way that I convey my messages.. It feels like I've grown so much because I'm constantly required to write standard academic articles for my assignments... To the extent that I don't even remember how to write a light, fun post anymore. :(

I miss blogging. Maybe I should get back to my daily blogging routine.

*On a side note* It's kinda sad to see that my blog isn't going anywhere. I mean many people have been so successful in the blogsphere. I guess I'm just not as good... lols!

Actually, I've got a major assignment due this week and I haven't even started it. FML. The more I'm confused, the more I don't feel like looking at it, and the more I'm not starting to work on it and it goes on and on.. I should start now. byes!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

my walk back home

I'm finally home! What a relief.

It was indeed THE scariest walk back home (to where I'm staying) from the city. William and I decided to walk back home at around 3.10am since we missed the free shuttle. I was like: "ok! Since someone else is walking with me, why not?"

It was a rather chilly "night" (in this case early morning). We walked passed Rundle Mall, then Rundle street. No one was in sight. Oh wells, we continue walking and walking and finally we reached the edge of Rundle street. and this was where all the pain began. Personally, I don't really like the idea to walk along the parks during the night. (I've tried walking in the park to reach the city @ 7-ish pm before, but NOT 3 in the morning.)  We have to "overcome" two freaking parks before we can reach home, and that's not all, we still have to walk along a couple of gloomy streets before we FINALLY reach home.

So, as we were crossing the road to the park, the wind got stronger. (I went home and checked the wind speed was 40km/hr, YES! THAT strong!) The wind howled as the trees swayed with the wind. Back and forth, back and forth. Being superstition (as always), I tried to stay focus and not looking around. Well, in case of..... So, as you can imagine, there's tones of trees in the park and all of them howled at the same time, that's pretty scary. (well, at least for me) Instead of walking IN the park, we walked along the edges of the park.Then suddenly, I heard a sound, like someone is pressing the I-want-to-cross-the-road-button furiously and aggressively at the other end of the street. But, when I looked back there's NO ONE. I kept hearing the sound. But, I told myself not to look back anymore. I'm not the only one who heard the sound. William heard it too, because he kept on turning back but I just kept really quiet. I told myself that maybe the traffic light was spoiled and that I should just continue to walk quickly back home. By this time, the wind was almost choking me to death. It was so strong that I could hardly breathe in and walk properly. lol! sounds so dramatic but yeah, it's true case. Then, I figured out a way to "escape" from walking passed the 2nd park by taking another route. How smart was I!

I don't know about you, but whenever I saw a person on the street, I was relieved. But, at the same time, was a little bit afraid. (ah, the irony!) Because (a) There's SOMEONE! (b)The person might rob you or something. :) After walking passed a couple of shops, it's time to walk the tedious main road before we can reach the round-a-bout. So, I din't really manage to "escape" the 2nd park after all. I still had to walk the stupid edges of the park to get to the round-a-bout. Both sides of the main road were pitch black parks. Really scary. The wind got even stronger this time. A lot of branches and twigs on the floor that almost tripped us a couple of times. It was so tedious and scary that I felt like breaking down to cry. Both of us couldn't walked properly cause we were fighting against the strong wind. again, so freaking dramatic, but true case. It took us forever to reach the round-a-bout. I saw in front of us was a mini sand-storm. (we haven't reach that area yet) I was like: "omg! How do we even make it? We should've taken the bloody taxi." I was really frustrated at myself.  I was praying hard that we can reach home safely. I don't know why but I have this sudden thought that William might turned into a zombie and catch me.

Then suddenly, a car drove passed us. I was talking to William and said how nice if the car can send us back home. But, the car was already gone. *hopes shattered* but miraculously, the car made a U turn back. I was hoping that the person really was coming to help us or what not. But, i din't lift my hopes up high. But, they were!!!! I was elated. Really. The couple sent us back home and I was really relieved. This might be a sign that God has answered my prayers. I'm so thankful. :)

Next time, I won't be walking back home at this hour. Well, at least not on a windy day. Oh and while I was walking back home, it dawned on me that I really have to get a car asap.

okay that's all. It may sound meh, not it was scary. at least for me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

This SH*! is taking forever!!! and forever and forever~

*bang wall*

I want mama. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

If only assignments are as easy as blogging, 

that would solve suicide rates.

p.s : SUGAR RUSH! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catch ups, Jamie's Birthday Surprise, etc.

I had an awesome day. Got to spend time with my friends. *It's really very hard to have this kind of gatherings since everyone is busy with their own studies and etc* 

And look who's back in town!!! *hint: not Santa Claus!

<3s all the way from M'sia. Thanks.
I feel greatly blessed! :D
Before we went to surprise the birthday girl, Jamie, I had dinner with W in Pancake Kitchen. :)

my dinner : double Scott Crepe! <3
don't look really appealing in the picture, isn't it?
But, it was tasty!
and yours truly (with horrible pimples)
Back home:

I was busy re-decorating my room. and here's the outcome >>> 

my new sleeping companion. :)
Last but not lease....

an ugly picture of yours truly. 
side note: wow! I din't know my hair is that long! 



Goodnight world.
Hope you guys had an awesome day too. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter break 2011

Ahhh~ What can I say more? warm bath on a chilly winter night..... rejuvenates your soul and makes you smell nice at the same time. :D

Okay. Let's get down to a proper blog entry. Since it's easter break, there will be lots of activities to blog about, hopefully. *fingers crossed*

So, last Friday was THE official day of our easter break. Bruno Mars was sooo nice 'cause he dropped by to celebrate our semester break with us. hahaha! *dream on, Nicole* nah~ he was here for his tour. Sadly, I din't manage to attend tho. But, here you go. A decent picture of Bruno Mars. (borrowed from Eugenie)
chicken wing! :)

While the others were being squashed and tossed around, just to listen to him live, I was Youtube-ing him on my comfy bed. I even done my manicure. So, It was all good. Cute right? I know. haha!
Tadah! My easter-theme manicure! <3

Okay. Due to internet quota restraints, I've to stop here. WILL blog about my first Eggless trip very soon. xoxo

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh come on heater. If you haven't notice, your owner is gonna freeze to death soon. QUIT thermostatting for god sake. :(

ahhh.. i can sense Bruno Mars presence. 

Sorry B, not gonna see you tomorrow. :(